Revolution Education can provide specialist educational consultancy to companies wishing to promote their products, software or services to the educational Technology sector. Our unrivalled experience in this area, combined with our technical background, allows us to provide a very cost effective service to clients.

As an example case study, "The Big Idea" was a new £13 million technology exhibition, funded by the National Lottery and located on the site of Alfred Nobel's dynamite factory in Ardeer, Scotland. The exhibition was to be a giant inventor's workshop, with a large number of hands-on exhibits explaining the principle themes of technology and invention.

How we helped

The designers of the exhibition approached Revolution to provide suggested content for the exhibition, relating to the Science and Technology curricular of England and Scotland. Following this initial approach Revolution became heavily involved with developing the concepts of the interactive exhibits, and assisted with the design and manufacture of the exhibits over the next two years.

Revolution also provided the animation briefs and text content for the 80 touchscreen computers which explain the contents of the exhibit to the visitor through a series of on-screen animations. By working closely with the interactive designers, the multimedia programmers and external publishing houses, Revolution were able to co-ordinate the development of a highly extensive help system.

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