INSET and Training Courses


INSET and Training Courses

Revolution Education can provide specialist trainers for your Technology or Information Technology In-Service training requirements.

All our trainers are qualified teachers with extensive experience in their specialist product areas. As specialist developers in the electronics and systems & control areas, we can provide practical product design experience in addition to our formal teaching qualifications.

We normally travel to your institution to provide the training. Location is not an issue- as we are centrally located we can travel to any part of the country with ease. As examples, in the past we have travelled to Inverness, Manchester, York, Glasgow, Sheffield, Rochester, Denbigh, Edinburgh, Ayr, Fife, Newport, Birmingham, Chatham, Bromley, Swansea and many more.

Example Training Day Timetable

All courses are tailor made to your training requirements. However, for informational purposes, a sample itinerary for a Microcontroller Systems & Control training day is provided below.

09:00 Introduction to microcontrollers.
09:30 Practical session - Soldering a PICAXE microcontroller kit.
10:45 Coffee Break.
11:00 Software session - Programming using Logicator flowcharting system.
12:30 Lunch.
13:15 Practical session - Building & Programming a microcontroller robot.

Feedback on our Training Courses

"The best INSET course I have been on in six years of teaching"
"This hands-on, down-to-earth approach is ideal for this subject area. Having an ex-teacher point out all the common pitfalls the students makes a great help"
"Fast paced, highly informational, and above all fun. I wish all my training was like this!"
"I really hope that my brain can retain all the useful tips and advice I have gathered today. A very informative course and great value for money!"

If you would like to discuss a course please contact us using the email form below.